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Joe Babbitt, owner of The St Lawrence Experience

Joe Babbitt is a true frontiersman.

Joe loves nothing more than to be out on the river.
During the summer itís the fishing. And in the winter, when the river freezes he will be found running his hounds, tracking and hunting coyote. As a skilled boatman, his knowledge of the St Lawrence is second to none. He knows every creek, island and fish holding area on the river. And above all, Joe is one of the most hardworking, genuine individuals you will ever meet. He will work non-stop to ensure you have the fishing holiday of a lifetime at the St Lawrence Experience.

Joe will be up early in the morning, boiling up great vats of maize to be fed into your swims. He will then take you to wherever you want to fish. Joe is totally dedicated to you getting the best out of your fishing.

In the evenings Joe will be found sitting by the campfire telling stories of his life on the river and the history of St. Lawrence County, of the Iroquois Indians who's camp was on the very site where the cabins and trailers now stand.

When your trip is but a wonderful memory, your images of Joe Babbitt and his infectious sense of humour and his commitment to your enjoyment will remain as clear as if it were yesterday.

We are sure that you will be back for more of the same.

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