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Each angler on the inclusive packages will be provided with a bucket of cooked maize per day at no extra cost. If you need extra corn it can be supplied at a cost of $5 per bucket.

We no longer supply boilies, as we have discovered an American based company "Royal Carp".
Their bait is very reasonably priced and can be delivered to site ready for your arrival if ordered in advance.
They have a variety of flavours and colours and I can definately vouch for their boilies (I tried some boilies supplied by Royal Carp with great success, catching over 30 carp up to 41lb in 15 hours of fishing).
For more information on their products visit their website www.royalcarp.com or left click on any of the boilie pictures below.

Royal Fish - Halibut & Sardine a proven carp catcher Red Star - Robin Red & Betaine a known catcher Royal Chocolate Malt - A known favourite

Royal Fuit - Apricot & Peach another carp sweet worth considering Curacao - Almond renown for use in deep water Royal BBQ - BBQ & Green Mussel a good combination

You are also welcome to bring your own boilies to site. We would advise that each angler should either take with them, or purchase, a minimum of 10 kgs of boilies per week. Although many fish have been caught by anglers simply taking hookbaits to site.

Baiting ideas

The most successful way we have found to bait our swims is to run the corn through in the morning with a scattering of boilies and then again about lunchtime (You can't over bait with these fish and they will obviously visit a spot more regularly if they are finding a steady supply of food).


The tackle we use is UK sourced and of the highest quality and is predominantly Fox International, we also use Wychwood, Quantum, GFA, Gardner, and Shakespeare equipment. Use of this equipment and is includeed in the price of the cabin,trailor and bivvy packages. Typical setup includes: 12" 3.5lb TC Carp rods, Big pit style freespool reels, Tripod/rod rests with bite alarms, Landing net, Unhooking mat, Weigh sling, Umbrella, Chairs etc. However we do not supply end tackle and reccomend that you either bring it out with you, although you can purchase accessories from our on site store

Tackle Shop

We have an on site tackle shop where it is possible to purchase end tackle such as Braid, Hooks, Leads, Safety Clips, Tail Rubbers, PVC Tubing etc in addition bait. Ther are also local stores where you can purchase other items of tackle.


Many products (particularly clothing) are significantly cheaper in the U.S. so it may be an idea to bring some spending money with you. One of the most popular purchases is the Realtree clothing from Wallmart in either Massenna or Ogdensburg.

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