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Lisbon Award

Lisbon Award

The St Lawrence Experience provides carp fishing holidays on the mighty St Lawrence River, which is extremely heavily stocked with long lean powerful carp that cruise along the American - Canadian Border

The St Lawrence River is over 1000 miles long and over a mile wide in many places. These powerful carp will give you an amazing carpin' experience to tell all your friends about when you return.
Fishing from your base at Waddington on the banks of the St Lawrence River in New York State,USA. you will have the use of a boat so you can access the rivers' inlets and bays, but some of the best fishing is to be had no more than two minutes walk from your base.

Your host, Joe Babbitt, will work tirelessly to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime. Top quality tackle hire is inclusive of the price of your holiday. You can order bait which will be waiting for you when you arrive. In fact all you need to do is turn up for that Carping holiday of a lifetime.

The pictures in this website show just a few of our satisfied customers with the sort of fish dreams are made of. We know that once you have encountered the St Lawrence Experience you will want to return for more of the same.

The St Lawrence Experience is the type of crazy carp fishing that dreams are made of. Screaming takes of awesome proportions and rod wrenching, clutch spinning runs that seem to go on forever. Golden armour plated leviathans testing every sinew and sapping your energy as they use every trick in the book to avoid capture.

The view of the river from the St Lawrence Experience

Some points of interest to note when comparing Carp Fishing Holiday companies with our inclusive packages:

  • You will picked up and dropped of at Montreal airport in Canada and taken to The St Lawrence Experience on the USA side of the river.
  • Unlike our competitors our site is set on the banks of the St Lawrence and is one of the most consistant fish catching areas along the river. Subsequently you do not get taken out, dumped for the day and having to wait until the evening to be picked up (unless you want to that is). You will have the FREEDOM to walk to and from your swim as and when you like or even bivvy up on the banks, Its up to you as you can fish at your own leisure without time restriction.
  • We are located on the USA side of the river where it is now legal to use THREE rods, unlike on the Canadian side where it is ILLEGAL to use more than ONE rod.
  • We have a vehicle on site that you can use for visiting the local shops if you hold a current driving license and are over 25. All you pay for is your petrol.
  • We have boats on site that are free to be used for baiting at no cost to you with the cabin package and bivvy package.
  • We have top quality tackle that is free to hire with the cabin package and bivvy package.
  • We have a guide who has spent close to 40 years in the river system.
  • We can arrange for guided trips to other rivers to fish for game at a cost of approx $100 per day for two anglers.
  • We can arrange for a driver to take you site-seeing (this is charged at a per mile rate and can be checked on site). A good idea if you want to take a partner and want to fish in peace!
  • In the price of our inclusive packages, the only things you would be expected to pay for are flights, licenses, bait and food.

Four Star GOLD award from the American Carp Society

The St Lawrence Experience Guarantee

Any Carp Angler who does not catch a carp at the St Lawrence Experience will receive a FREE week back in the following year.
In otherwords, Joe Babbitt gives you a catch guarantee!
The following rules apply:

  • Carp anglers who do not catch any carp should report this each day to the host.
  • Carp anglers should follow instructions from the host and should be prepared to change swims.
  • Carp anglers should fish a minimum of 8 hours per day.
  • Flights, food, bait, end tackle etc not included in FREE holiday.

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